Fast Turnaround Prototype Manufacture and Assembly

  • We offer fast turnaround prototype assembly for PCB and Box build assemblies.
  • As a customer, you will benefit from a comprehensive experience within our engineering and technical teams to integrate a design for manufacture which will not only result in shorter production times but also a lower cost to manufacture.
  • Improve your PCB Designs through an Experienced Manufacturability, Testability and Affordability Review!!!


Component Procurement and Kitting

  • At Dedicated Micros we offer to source and procure all your material requirements through our extensive supply chain that has been established over the years. We have a strong business relationship with our suppliers throughout the world from all sectors of the industry. We will also work with your suppliers of preference.
  • As per AS9100 certification we have full traceability for all materials and consumables used throughout our manufacturing processes.
  • Simply send us your Bill of Material and you can leave the rest to our buyers who will ensure you get the best price and shortest lead-times.


Surface Mount PCB Assembly

  • Our Surface Mount Department offers two Assembly Lines capable of placing 0201 chip components to 0.4 pitch 45 x 45mm integrated circuit devices.
  • All assemblies are in-line inspected using dedicated Automatic Inspection Machines (AOI) which are programmed according to your product requirements.
  • Through our X-Ray inspection equipment we are able to process audit those parts that are not covered by the AOI machine.


Plated Through Hole Assembly

  • Our Plated Through Hole Assembly line includes Wave Soldering equipment that can use modular or selective wave soldering pallets as may be required by the board assembly design.
  • We can assist in the design and procurement of such dedicated tooling.


Inspection and Electronic Repair Services

  • All our production personnel are trained to IPC610 standards in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of the products manufactured.
  • We also offer specialist Electronic Repair Services having the ability to replace almost any PCB component including complex BGAs and CSPs.


Cable Assemblies and Wire Looming

  • We manufacture all looms/harnesses required for the Aerospace product assemblies produced within Dedicated Micros. These include the simplest two wire cable assemblies to complex harness installation looms to be installed on Civil Aviation Aircraft.
  • All cable assemblies are manually assembled to customer drawings using IPC620 guidelines to assure the reliability of the cable looms and harness assemblies. In addition, all cable looms and harness assemblies are electrically tested.
  • Dedicated Micros can offer a wide variety of cable design and assembly services, from simple to complex wire looms manufactured for your specific needs.


Product Test Solutions

  • Dedicated Micros provides comprehensive Functional Testing.  Each PCBA or Box assembly may be subjected to Functional Testing by dedicated staff or test engineers/technicians.
  • The Functional Test can be as simple as a set of electronic measuring devices or custom-made test solutions for the specific product.  While many customers choose to provide test equipment, our in-house engineering staff have full capabilities to Design and Build Customised Functional Testing Systems to cover the specified requirements.
  • All product Testing and Inspections are recorded for accurate traceability.

Require a Manufacturer?

We have an established and longstanding relationship producing complex PCBA and finished products for the Surveillance and Security Industry.

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